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Vanjaram Fish in English: Benefits, Facts, Price/Cost per Kg

In India, particularly in the south, Vanjaram fish is one of the most favored fish due to its delicious flavor and numerous health advantages. The names that are most frequently used to indicate Vanjaram fish in English language are listed below.

Vanjaram Fish in English

Vanjaram fish is a nutritious food with high protein and low saturated fatty acids, and it is widely consumed throughout India. The English names of Vanjaram fish are as follows…..

  • King Fish
  • Seer Fish
  • Indo-Pacific Mackerel
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • King Mackerel
  • Scomberomorini
  • Scomberomorus commerson

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The most expensive seer fish variety is known by the name of Vanjaram, and it is mostly found in Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state. In Maharashtra, it is referred to as Surmai.

Seer fish is a seawater fish, and it is widely distributed throughout South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The Scomberomorini are a group of saltwater bony fish with ray fins. This fish belongs to the fish group called “Scomberomorini”.


Price/Cost of Vanjaram Fish

In India, the price of raw Vanjaram fish meat ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per kg. However, the cost of fish can vary depending on the city, the size, and the fish’s state (whether it is live or frozen).

Vanjaram in English Language


Benefits of Vanjaram fish in English

Fish and other marine organisms can provide nutrients and other bioactive components that can be turned into functional food ingredients with medical benefits.

Seer fish has a low level of saturated fats and helps in appetite control, which results in reduced glucose development in the blood after eating the fish.

Vitamin D, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, carnitine, and taurine are just a few of the nutrients that are abundant in Seer fish and are crucial for hormonal and metabolic healthy activities.

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As it has high biological value and a low-calorie density, Vanjaram fish are considered a superb source of protein and minerals.

A few studies found that consuming 100 g of fish per day significantly reduced the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, and heart failure.

Consumption of this fish meat reduces mild hypertension.
This fish meat also has the ability to prevent certain cardiac arrhythmias.

According to some studies, seer fish are a good source of antioxidants, which may shield your cells from free radicals, which are thought to cause life-threatening diseases in both humans and animals. Free radicals have been linked to a number of illnesses, including cancer and heart disease.

Along with other proteins, these fish peptides and proteins are also broadly utilized as nutraceuticals, active components, and health supplements in the food industries, pharmaceuticals, and beverages to provide essential elements to every human being.

Facts of Vanjaram in English
Facts of Vanjaram Fish

Facts of Vanjaram Fish in English

Seer fish is being one of the most economically and socially important marine species globally. Because of this, the exploitation of their species has eventually led scientists to consider conserving this species.

The meat of seer fish can be grilled, fried, or cooked into a curry. In addition to being cooked and consumed when it is still fresh, fish is also used to make fish pickle, which is typically consumed as a side dish with rice.

This fish is typically the most expensive variety available in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It is known as “Vanjaram” in Tamil and Telugu.

This fish is referred to as an Iswan or Viswon in Goa. While it is known as Ayakoora fish in Malabar (North Kerala) and Ney-meen fish in South Kerala.

Anjal is the name given to this fish in Karnataka, particularly in the Tulunadu (Dakshina Kannada) region.

This fish meat has medicinal properties that include antibacterial, anticancer, antioxidant, antihypertensive, antithrombotic, and immunomodulatory.

According to some studies, this fish may one day be useful in the production of bioactive substances. However, some scientists claimed that additional molecular research that reveals the fish meat’s intrigue mechanism for minimizing the effects of diseases is necessary.

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